My messy desk

My desk is always messy, I can clean it, but that would only be for one day. I’ve paint and stacks of paper everywhere and it happens that I paint on my lap because there’s no space left.
I posted this on my Instagram account while doing the #COTFAchallenge for #carveouttimeforart This was how I find time to create and carve out time for art.
My messy desk comes from a chaotic mind. I’m a morning person, that’s to say, I am nicely productive before 11 am. I need quietness and stillness. Looking out of the window, staring into nothingness and over-thinking a lot. I need this musing to filter and process my feelings and thoughts. Meanwhile trying to connect what moves me. I am surrounded by many pieces of paper I work on at the same time, they are on my desk or at the floor. I’m self taught and there were times when I was a master in procrastinating, waiting and hoping for the right moment for me to start. I had a hard time overcoming my fear and self doubt. Then, one day I made an agreement with myself to sit at my desk and draw every day. That has never stopped since then and I think that helped me the most.


I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.