The year 2020

Hello lovely people, wishing all of you a happy, healthy new year, may it be filled with lots of love. 

I didn’t make New Year’s resolution. Where to go is not a question for me, I will let the flow take me wherever it goes. 

I love seeing beauty in imperfection, I believe this is a common theme in my thoughts. I feel like being in the middle of one big proces, with so many possibilities, learning so many things day by day. Thank you very much for all your lovely thoughts and support throughout the year and for joining me on my journey


My favorite moment of the day is early in the morning when everything is still quiet.

I’m a morning person, when waking up I’m ready to start my day. Every day is a gift to me. As to creativity, I’m nicely productive around 6 and 8 am. I need quietness and stillness. Looking out of the window, staring into nothingness and over-thinking a lot I need this morning musing for filtering and processing my inspiration and thoughts. So I try to connect what moves me, that can be anything but what comes intuitively is mostly botanicals or birds. I start painting with watercolors or drawing with a nib pen and black ink. Both watercolors and the nib pen are uncontrollable, unforgivable and unpredictable, and that’s what I love. The incompleteness and sometimes wobbly, uneven lines is what makes it creative and interesting for me. 

I don’t have a plan, no deepening in detail, just expressions and feelings translated into shapes and colors. Finding beauty in the unexpected. I don’t need a perfect painting, it’s just my perception and observation which results in a painting that represent the way I see and feel the life all around me. 

Meanwhile I’ll have my coffee in a big happy red-colored mug. It’s all part of the senses right?


Butterflies come in many species, from dark to multi colored That doesn’t mean the dark ones are beautiful. The can be very interesting with little dots and stripes. Butterflies are like pieces of art. Painting them is a delight and inspiration is endless. These are done with watercolor on smooth paper. The reason I prefer smooth paper is because you still can move the paint around as long as it’s wet.

Color play

i love to play with color, color is everywhere. Every moment of our lives we are surrounded by color. It is ‘a common thing’ and we are used to its appearance, maybe taken for granted, and we easily can forget about its beauty and the impact it has on our lives emotionally. It is however one of our senses and it deserves more attention.