Hello beautiful people! Welcome to my imaginary world where I try to express and translate my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.

I’m Gabriëlle Heckenbucker, I live in the very south of The Netherlands. I am a mind wanderer, dreamer, a child at heart, I think in color, pattern and shape.

I am a color-consultant by trade. I love to express myself in colors. Inspired by nature, mind wandering and enjoying the little things of every-days life. 

Watercolors are my favorite. To see how the paint flows and blends on the paper, is like magic to me. 

Rather than working on details I prefer looseness. While creating, I look for beauty in imperfection and incompleteness. 

I would like to share these impressions and treasures of my life together with you.

My artwork is available for licensing, just send me a message to learn more :).

Like my work, this site is a continuous process. Please join me on my colorful journey.