Color study

I see and feel through color, I’m always looking for a new palette, a new combination, and experience how they communicate to each other. It’s never boring to me. We can perceive millions of colors and there are countless colorcombinations.

Monday musings

Musing time
Musing time

I love just sitting, apparently doing nothing and stare in the distance, musing about all sort of creative thoughts that wander my mind. All these things that add another dimension to my life since my children are grown up, have children of their own and need me in another way than when they were younger. The stream of creative thoughts that never ends, I can’t keep up with it and often feels like chaos. Until the moment I start drawing or painting, when everything seems to fall into place.
Most of the time my desk is cluttered with all kinds of supplies and paraphernalia. I love to be surrounded with little things like shell and pebbles or a beautiful find of an antique shop. The display of these little treasures changes when time passes by and they are replaced by other things. To me they have stories of their own which they want to tell me. I draw or paint them or I just enjoy them for being such little beauties.


color study blue
Study with several Blues and Naples Yellow

Making color-studies makes me happy, I’ve made so many in the past while doing my study and research to become a color consultant. I have been attracted to colors as long as I know, and it soon became a passion. I always used to paint in a colorful way but I also love to change my interior from time to time, which could be once a month, ow yes. So when I started to think about color consultancy I focused on home color consulting. My creative part was using colors intuitively but that didn’t seem enough to me, I just wanted to know everything about color and how to use it in a way to create balanced interiors. Color is a phenomenon so I dived into the complex effects of color.
I learned about color psychology, color science, color physics and color theory. I did a lot of research and additional courses. In the end I came to the conclusion that what counts for me is the understanding of color. Perception is a dominant sense, and I was intrigued how colors interact with each other and how the individual colors affect us. So when having studied all these technical facts about color in general, I followed my own path, I started my color consultancy Koloristik combining my knowledge and personal experience to create successful solutions for clients.
So back to color studies, there are only 3 primary colors and we can mix numerous other colors, so when you are passionate there is a lot to discover. There is written so much about color already, it’s not my goal to do that, but what I dó love, is to make you aware of the effect of colors when using them in different combinations and hues and think about it a little bit more when using color, because it has such a great impact on our body and mind.

For the color study in blues and Naples Yellow I was inspired by Lilla Rogers from Make Art That Sells It was one of five mini assignments which was to help you get ready for the 2015 Global Talent Search. I just choose to do this one as it has my point of interest. And it was such fun to do!

colors study pink
Study with pigment powder in Bleu d’Outremer and Magenta