Every day wonderment

I believe in magic, the magic of nature, in little/big things happening in my life. When you do, there’s always wonderment.
I believe in the lovely family I’m surrounded by.
I believe that there are always possibilities to fulfil your dreams, for each one of us in our own way, depending to your abilities. Listen to your own intuition and to your gut feelings helps you realise your own potential.

I feel inspired by a lot of things, nature, a little touch of color, reading books, looking through magazines, scraps of paper, doodles, a still life, flowers, or animals. A glimpse of a color that speaks to me is enough to pick up my brush and start painting or drawing.

Perceiving color, I think, is one of our senses. It’s often undervalued. My inspiration will be transformed in an idea immediately and a new creation is born.
I don’t need perfection, I rather see beauty in imperfection.
I have many notebooks, filled with color swatches and magazine scraps. Not everything in my head comes to life. It doesn’t need to. When flipping through older journals regularly, I get inspired and get new ideas. All of these are happy things to me.

Life isn’t perfect, and it will never be, it’s an unrealistic goal to strive for this. But trying to make the most of the chances life is giving you, will give you satisfaction, no matter how small or big. It’s all about the spirit that matters.

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.