Reminiscing Rome

I would like to share a little about this travel journal in a video. It’s quite obvious that this was made during a trip to Rome. Rome is a place you cannot compare to any other city. There’s that constant awareness of history which is very impressive. Not only the buildings or what’s left from them, it’s an overall mood which made me feel overwhelmed. So I thought of sketching my experiences, to keep the memories alive. I made these drawings with a rotring Art pen, it’s filled with normal black ink. What I did was writing street names of routes we took. We walked 60 km in 5 days, no bus or metro so we could enjoy it on our own pace. As this was my first time visiting Rome, we went to the most known places. One of them  was the Vatican were we had a tour from the Necropolis of st. Peters to the top of the Cupola. I hope to visit again as there’s so much to discover. 

See below the video for close up pictures from the journal.

Art journaling Rome

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.