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    Next prompt for #fairytaleweek was amagic. And yes, I believe in magic 🙂

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    Another stage of growth

    Not in the garden yet, but the Hyacinths in the pot arrived at another stage, the little flowers became visible. I love the imperfection of the broken pot.

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    Grape Hyacinths

    These sweet little grapes are blooming in my garden. Instead of picking, I’ve painted them. I did a more realistic version first and then I just wanted to do a color expression.

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    Bloom, a new project

    A lot has happened since my last post, I’ve been quiet on my blog here but I’ve been busy behind the scenes. One cold day in January, while musing and staring out of the window where the birds were flying…

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    “There came a day, at Summer’s full. Entirely for me. I thought that such were for the Saints. Where Resurrections be.” Emily Dickinson