I’m a watercolor artist living in the Netherlands. I’m inspired by nature every day again and again. I’m a dreamer, I can stare into nothingness, overthinking a lot. My studio is a spacious spare room, my desk is covered with paraphernalia of found objects and scribbles. There’s always a stack of books on my desk and I have an inspiration wall which changes throughout time as my journey is a continuous process. I’m a chaotic mind, as to creativity I’m mostly productive early mornings. I need this morning quietness for musing, to filter and process my inspiration and thoughts. First thing I start journaling, connecting what moves me. That can be anything but what comes intuitively is mostly birds and botanicals. I’m always surrounded by many sheets of paper, I always work on more pieces at the same time. Color is an important part of my work, for me it’s magical to see how the colors flow. It feeds my creative soul. I love seeing beauty in imperfection, I believe this is a common theme in my thoughts. I feel like being in the middle of one big process, with many possibilities, learning so many things day by day. Where to go is not a question for me, I will let the flow take me wherever it goes.