My workspace

Where do I create? I don’t need a special place to create, it can be a corner of the living room. But I’m lucky to have a room which I use as my studio. You might have expected a more colorful room but I love the basics in neutral tones. I work in silence, I rarely listen to music while painting as it is too distracting, so just me and my thoughts. My desk is mostly chaos, filled with paraphernalia of found objects and scribbles. I love that my table is next to the window because I need lots of light. Once and a while I have to organize this chaos, so there is room again to make a mess. That’s how it looks now. It won’t be as organised for long though but that’s not of any importance. I’m grateful to be able to create every day!
There’s always a stack of books, the elephant was painted by my 6 year old grandson. The antique table holds a mood board which changes as my journey is a continuing process.


I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.