Is it thát time of the year!?


Yes it is! I love these flowers so much. They look so happy and they come in so many colors. They’re like little faces, each with their own expression. In the past they seem a little oldfashioned to me, their smell makes me think of my childhood when we visited my grandfather. I remember him having deep set eyes with such a friendly expression. He had a big vegetable garden with all kinds of vegetables but also fruits like strawberrries and raspberries. While my aunt baked a cake, he carried me through the garden and he showed me how to pick the raspberries. In spring and summer, the scent of the garden was overwhelming, but there was one scent I was never able to define until later when I planted my own garden. And that was boxwood. You’d say boxwood doesn’t smell like anything but it has a spicy scent.

While we were in the garden and snacking on the fruit, my aunt had the cake ready. Of course she it baked with seasonal fruits, and from their own garden. It was festively topped with whipped cream. I didn’t like whiped cream, or any other milk related products from an early childhood but for some reason that whipped cream had something magical. If it was because of the love she’d put in or just the ambiance of summer and the delicious smell of the cake, I don’t know but I always liked the things she baked. And now, I have been eating vegan for a long time and I always make my own vegan version of cream which I use in sweet or savory dishes.

Thinking about violets brought me back to these cherished memories of that garden. To keep them alive I will buy some pansies this week so I can enjoy the blooms whole summer.

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.