A view on my desk

Color has a big influence on everyone. We can’t deny that. Being a color consultant I can talk a lot about this subject, for now I won’t. Fact is that only a glimpse of a color can cause sadness or on the opposite it can make you dance with joy.

I can work with the same color palette for a long time. And not only when it comes to painting. Here on my table (I wish I could take good pictures) several oilpaintings in progress, paper maché objects and even a crocheted piece I’m working on in the same colors. I can easily switch from one discipline to another :). Even from a figurative little wren to the more abstracted landscapes.

I don’t feel like a painter, illustrator or sculptor, just to name a few. Besides that I always share things I paint, I just like to make things, all kinds of things. I like to make new things from other ‘things’. To recycle and upcycle, from materials like paper, cardboard, several mediums of paint, fabric or paper maché, and more.

I grew up in a creative environment, my mother was, and still is a very creative person using the most various techniques. And so I got to know all the possibilities to express my creativity. And I will ever be grateful for that. 

A view on my desk

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.