Capturing moments

Sitting on a bench in a garden which was open to public I stared at the pretty large flower bed filled with Coneflowers. It was already late in the season and their petals were hanging down. That didn’t harm the beauty of them. In contrary, I even love when things don’t look perfect. A small damage here and there, a little wilted, maybe tired, but with their heads still fierce up in the air, they just go with the flow of the season and they will take some rest. The needed rest to shut down and be reloaded for a fresh bloom next spring.

I can relate, when summer gets to and end, and although I don’t like the cold (no doubt that will come at this part of the earth) I very much like Autumn. The changing colors, the sunshine is getting softer and nature withdrawing themselves, but not before leaving pretty leaves and seedpods behind. I will put some of them on my desk for inspiration. Years later I might find them pressed in a book, patiently waiting for me to find them.

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.