My favorite art supplies

Since I was a little girl, I was intrigued by stationery. Back then, there was not much of a choice, but even if it were pens in several colors, felttips or wax bars, they would have my attention. Throughout the years I experimented with a lot of supplies and I can say I have some favorites. That would be my watercolorbox from Winsor & Newton, one big brush, one medium, and one real fine brush. I have many brushes but while working I use not more than these. I like smooth paper, even for watercolors, I love the paint flowing spontaniously, without having control, to achieve looseness. I use hot pressed watercolor paper or just ordinairy heavy drawing paper. When making illustrations I draw with my ‘Rotring’ ArtPen which I love, the ink is not permanent and when adding the watercolor afterwards it flows beautifully. When finished I might add accents with the white ink pen ‘Uni-ball signo’.

For my oilpaintings I use different materials, from board, brown packing paper and regular paper, I mostly add a thin layer of gesso with an old credit card and then some acrylic gold paint. That gives it an old look, like there are lots of layers but still transparent with a smooth finish. I use water mixable oil paint, they are real oils and the usage is the same as any other oil paints. The only difference is you can use water to dilute the paint. They dry in about a week which I like, that gives me some more time to work on. And they have no toxic fumes.

As time passes by, watercolor seems to be my favorite though. And it has to be smooth paper, which suits my way of working best. Colors might change, along with the season, as my surroundings have a great influence on my mood and painting.


I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.