Hello 2016

I live in my own inner world with my thoughts, emotions and imaginations. Easily impressed by all the things in life I keep a little distance. As a child I played in our big yard, climbing trees and creating secret hiding places where I could daydream, read, and imagine songs and stories. There where countless opportunities in that garden full of birds, rabbits and butterflies. Drawing and creating being my companion. I’ve  always made my own fairy tale.
Growing up, getting worried and thoughtful, I got tangled up, the fairy tales faded away. Followed by my fear of failure I neglected the existence of my inner child and true self and started to ignore my personal boundaries. Always censoring myself and having harsh judgments, trying to be as perfect as can be. In which I, of course, never succeeded.
Somewhere throughout my life I almost lost myself so it was about time to listen. Listen to my inner voice. I’m not there yet, learning every day, trying hard to stay true to myself, and cherishing what I’ve reached so far.
So hello 2016, here I am, mind wandering, curious, exploring the limits, hopping through wonderland, enjoying the beauties life brings every day, and embracing vulnerability. Grateful having the chance to follow my creative, colorful path in life. And most of all making my own fairy tales again.

I am chaotic lines
going in circles.
Meeting again
giving form to chaos.

I am dreaming my life
living my dream.
I dream to create
and I create while dreaming.

Life is a wonder.


More worlds, watercolor

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.