Dressed up like a bunny

When I was a little girl and full of excitement waiting for the easterbunny to come, I saw him or her in my imagination hopping through the garden when the dew was still on the grass and all the little ones were still sleeping. Exept for me, I was awake and wondering about that little bunny, I could see his little basket, covered with a red and white checkered handkerchief, with some colorfull eggs popping out. He was tiptoeing and trying hard not to be seen. I just couldn’t stay in bed any longer and climbed on the windowsill to take a look in our big garden. What I saw then, wasn’t the easterbunny, but my Dad hiding eggs, not aware of me looking at him. I just couldn’t believe my eyes and didn’t know what to think of that, I was so very disappointed, and got back to my bed thinking over the situation. After half an hour, I found the courage to get out of bed, my parents already waited for me to go outside. Together we went egg-hunting, and as if I hadn’t seen anything I searched for eggs, trying hard to imagine the easter bunny hoping through the grass and hiding eggs especially for me.

Easter bunny in watercolors

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.