Today is the day

Good morning beautiful day. Feeling grateful for every new day and the little/big things in life. I often need time to reminisce on these things, to process the feelings and emotions. But I just don’t take the time it requests, or there is just not enough time in one day to go through all the gained experience and inspiration, and so it happens that these are burried deep down inside of me without having had the chance to develop. No worries, no drama, it just feels like always being in a rush, trying to keep up and finally realize I can not keep track. There is so much beauty and today I just felt a great need to experience and express these inner feelings of wonder, hidden deep down inside.

Watercolor on paper 5"x 5"
Watercolor on paper 5″x 5″

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.