Vegan Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate ☕️ on a grey and cold day. And yes vegan please!! So here’s my recipe, simple but delicious. I love oats so I’m using oat milk but you can also use any other dairy-free milk alternative. The pumpkin spice is a blend of sweet spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Talking about hot chocolate, Rebecca from @plants_are_magic posted a delicious recipe using plant based ingredients.
• mix dry ingredients with a little water
•heat oat milk and add to the mix
•add a natural sweetener of your choice


Vegan beet root salad recipe

I shared one of my favorite recipes with They Draw And Cook (TDAC) and I’m happy it was approved and being placed on their website. Check out their website for more delicious recipes and lovely illustrations.
With a vegan dressing, based on soy yoghurt with fresh herbs, it’s very healthy and I love how the color of the beet root blends with the yoghurt.
For the salad you will need:
Beetroots, 3 or 4 (cooked and diced)
For the dressing:
-1 cup soy yoghurt
-3 tbsp lemon juice
-fresh chopped cilantro
-fresh chopped Italian parsley
-a pinch of clove
-a pinch of cinnamon
-a pinch of cumin
-season with pepper and salt
Mix ingredients for the dressing, add the beetroot and spoon it through, enjoy!

TDAC Vegan beetroot salad