When I had my first drawing and painting lessons, all I did was still lifes. My teacher back then, who now is a respected know artist were I live, collected everything you can imagine and he put all kinds of collections in his studio. It looked like a bizarre museum. In his studio you could marvel at anything from a showcase filled with paraphernalia, animal bones, old antique dolls, tools, old hats or shoes or also a dried frog he found in the garden……
It was an amazing teacher and the course was built up thoroughly, I started with charcoal and did this for a year, the next step was that I could choose a medium in color, for me it was colored pencil, and then I drew with pastels. I never wanted to paint flowers and I remember him saying that one day I would only paint flowers. Well, it took another 25 years before I did but now I can not imagine my day without painting flowers. But I think we all have our periods of color and subjects. It changes along the journey.
But now it is flowers and it is an amazing inspiration source right now in the beginning of the flower season.


I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.