Morning routine

Early morning doodles
Early morning doodles

Early mornings are my favorite, it’s silent, my mind is clear, there are no distractions, and when sitting at my desk which is at the window I do what I love: painting and exploring the stories that develop in my head. My desk is pretty small because I get easily lost and distracted, and the bigger the desk, the greater the mess. But where to go is not a question for me, I’ll let the flow take me wherever it goes. I look for beauty in imperfection, I believe this is a common theme in my thoughts. I love painting and drawing portraits and still lifes, and express my emotion. I feel like being in the middle of one big process with so many possibilities, from which I am learning so many things day by day.

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I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.