Marl and limestone inspired

Some of my colorful impressions of landscapes are framed now. They’re different from the smaller square ones and painted with oils on heavy paper. They’re inspired by the marl landscape in the south of the Netherlands were I grew up (geologically speaking it’s limestone). I you are following my posts you’ve seen and read more about how they came to life.

This region is one of the few in the world where the geological period ‘the Cretaceous’ appears in the landscape. You can find here quarries created by the marl extraction. Nowadays nature has free reign and you can enjoy the various flora, and see sheep and goats graze on the steep slopes.

Marl is of a yellowish color, in different shades. They reflect in the landscape depending the weather and the season. I have translated these colors in my own way.

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.