Finding the soul


While the beautiful colors of fall disappeared and winter announced itself, I was inspired by the ‘onehundredfaces’ project which was originally started by Sharon Tomlinson I believe somewhere februari 2014. While practicing faces in her e-course ‘A diary of faces’ I was inspired by other artists on Instagram to take up this challenge: creating 100 faces.

I started small, 2″x 2″, with charcoal in my altered book, later I experimented with package paper and gesso as a background and I added watercolor, pastels and pen and ink. Along the way I painted some of them with watersoluble oilpaint. It was such a pleasure to see these faces evaluate and see the collection grow.

Painting all these onehundred faces for the last 4 months has brought me lots of insights, if there is one special thing I would have to choose, then it would be confidence. When I start something, I can be very persisting, and I might overdue it. So I had to put things into perspective, not spending too much time on doing these daily drawings and paintings. It was such fun to explore my stories and translate these into a face. I learned to embrace the result with all it’s imperfections and along the way discover the soul of each one of them

I like to illustrate my imaginary world by expressing and translating my thoughts and feelings into color and pattern.